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Past Presentations & Talks:


I gave this presentation at the first EAFPN conference in the UK for equine facilitated practitioners based on my initial research for my book The Horse Leads the Way. I talked about the central, guiding role of the horse in this work as a full partner not a "tool". And how we can and should work to the best of our abilities to ensure this at all times to protect the health, well-being, enjoyment and empowerment of our equine partners. You can see a copy of my presentation slides here.

2) The Horse as a Sentient Partner in Equine Facilitated Practice A Practical Approach Which Honours the Horse’s Wellbeing by Angela Dunning. This presentation offers a practical guide for practitioners to ensure they are honouring their equine partners as sentient beings.

3) The Way of The Horse: A Journey to the Self and Beyond... An overview of the horse-human bond through the ages; the progression to horses helping people psychologically and emotionally; developing respectful relationships with other species; my approach to equine facilitated practice, and the background to my book, 'The Horse Leads the Way'.

Please note: I offer these materials freely for your use with the intention of improving standards of practice and the wellbing of the horses. Therefore, you are very welcome to share my slides in part or full in a presentation or workshop or training, so long as my name and copyright is expressly stated both in writing and verbally, along with a link to my website. Thank you.

Guest Blogs and Chapter Contributions:

Chapter contribution to 'A Sentience-Based Approach to Equine-Facilitated Interactions - From Theory to Practice: Building Professional Partnerships with Horses', in 'A Horse is A Horse, of Course’: 1st International Symposium for Equine Welfare and Wellness: Promoting the safety, care and well-being of equines in Animal Assisted/Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning Programs, Compendium Part II'. 2017.

A Spiritual Awakening through Horse, this is a chapter I contributed to the e-book Spiritual Adventures with Horse, 2011 

September 2016 Guest Blog - The Horse as a Partner, not a Tool. How our Inter-Species Relationship can bring us Change and Enlightenment, in Jody L Miller - Equine Fine Art Photography.

The Eden Magazine:

I write a monthly column under the theme of "Reclaiming Your True Self" in the lovely Eden MagazineThis magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings living in a healing and peaceful world. Here are the links to my articles which can be read for free via the online magazine platform Issuu:-

January 2017 - Body-Soul Work Through Horses - pages 62-64

February 2017 - Self-Care - From Selfish to Sacred - pages 54-55

March 2017 - Meditating & Going Within: How to turn this practice into a delicious rather than a fearful one - pages 26-28

May 2017 - Being Loyal to Ourselves Comes First - pages 26-28

June 2017 - The Paradox Within Vulnerability - pages 24 - 26

July 2017 - The Burden of Being "The Feeling Bearer" - pages 22 - 24

August 2017 - The Energy of Engagement - pages 24 - 26

September 2017 - How to Re-Center Yourself and Find Your Balance - pages 36 - 38

October 2017 - Returning Home: Coming back to Yourself through the Body - pages 36 - 38

November 2017 - Finding Our Wild Edges: Releasing the Soul into its True state of Freedom - pages 28 - 30

December 2017 - Poetry as Healing Agent: The Role of Poetry in Discovering and Reclaiming the Fragmented Self - pages 28 - 30

January 2018 - Slowing down the tongue to Soul-Speed: Why the way and how much we talk matters greatly - pages 28 - 30

February 2018 - The Body Doesn't Lie: Tuning-in to Your Own Truth Detector in any Moment - pages 36 - 38

March 2018 - Dreaming Your Way to Wholeness: How Engaging with your Dreams Accelerates Healing & Growth - pages 38-40

April 2018 - The Power of Surrender - pages 38-39

May 2018 - Practicing our Profession with Humility - pages 38-39

June 2018 - The Healing Potential of Natural Beauty - pages 38-29

July 2018 - Walking Away with Grace - pages 

August 2018 - The Art of Receiving - pages 24-25

September 2018 - Becoming the Curator of Your Soul - pages 36-38

October 2018 - Finding the Gold Within Our Shadow - pages 36-38

November 2018 - The Divine Timing in Healing - pages 40-41

December 2018 - Conscious Releasing - pages 40-42

January 2019 - Inhabiting the Liminal Space - pages 42-44

February 2019 - Casting Off Our Hand-Me-Downs So We Can Live An Authentic Life - pages 42-44

March 2019 - Owning Your Shadow - pages 62-65

April 2019 - Birthing The Feminine in the 21st Century - pages 52-52

May 2019 - Honoring Our Vulnerability: It’s OK Not To Be OK - pages  26-27

June 2019 - The Dance of Self-Doubt - pages 34-36

July 2019 - Restoring The Sacred - pages 56-58

August 2019 - The Spiral Healing Path ~ Walking Life's Labyrinth - pages 28-30

Sept 2019 - Navigating the Crossroads in Life - pages 40-43

Oct 2019 - Remembering Ourselves Home - pages 42-44

Nov 2019 - The Healing Power of Grief & The Loving Embrace of Horses - pages 18-22 

Dec 2019 - Soul Bathing - pages 48-50

Jan 2020 - Hope: The Light in The Darkness - pages 50-51

Feb 2020 - Conscious Growth - pages 54-57

March 2020 - Finding Purpose in Pain - pages 60-62

April 2020 - Death Changes Everything - pages 38-39

May 2020 - The Secret Power in Doubt during Adversity and Crisis - pages 40-41

June 2020 - Embracing Your Fate - pages 14-15

July 2020 - Seeking the Authentic Self - pages 46-47

August 2020 - Reorienting to Your Inner Landscape - pages 50-51

Sept 2020 - Navigating Change - pages 32-34

Oct 2020 - Cultivating New Beginnings - pages 66-67

Nov 2020 - Trusting Your Gut Instincts - Lessons from the Horses - pages 64-67

Dec 2020 - Finding Meaning in the Darkness: A Way Through - pages 64 - 66

Jan 2021 - Self-Healing IS Planetary Healing - pages 52 - 53

Feb 2021 - The Blessings of Nature - pages 54-55

March 2021 - Committing to Yourself and Your True Path - pages 52 - 54

April 2021 - The Transient Nature of Emotions - pages 64 - 66

May 2021 - Filling Up The Empty Well Within - pages 52 - 54

June 2021 - Releasing the Burden of Shame - pages 50 - 52


An interview with me in September 2015 about why and how horses are good for our Soul. (This is an Italian magazine - my interview, in English, begins about half-way down this page where it says: "Interview with the Eponaquest facilitator Angela Dunning..."

Facebook Notes:

I regularly write Notes on Facebook - you can find a wide range of Notes available here.

The most recent ones are listed here:


Book Recommendations


The Horse Leads the Way - Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice, Angela Dunning.

A Horse is a Horse, of Course, Ilka Parent/Minds-n-Motion (I have contributed a chapter in the 2nd Compendium of the 1st International Symposium).

The Tao of Equus; Riding Between the Worlds; Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery; The Power of the Herd; The Five Roles of a Master Herder, Linda Kohanov.

My Horses, My Healers, Shelley R. Rosenberg.

The Listening Heart: The Limbic Path Beyond Office Therapy, Leigh Shambo.

Riding on the Power of Others, Ren Hurst.

Childhood Development/Trauma/ Embodiment:

For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs): all of Elaine Aron's books. The film: Sensitive The Untold Story.

The Undervalued Self, Elaine N. Aron Ph.D.

Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma: Conversations with Pioneering Clinicians and Researchers, Daniela F. Sieff, Ph.D.

The Inner World of Trauma, and Trauma and the Soul, by Donald Kalsched (*these two books are particularly helpful for people who have experienced Early Childhood Trauma and who experience a much more severe form of the False-Self, more of a persecutory inner-figure).

A Practical Guide to Complex PTSD: Compassionate Strategies to Begin Healing from Childhood Trauma, Arielle Schwartz, PhD.

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, Pete Walker

The Emotionally Absent Mother: How to Recognize and Heal the Invisible Effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect, Jasmin Lee Cori.

The Wound of the Unloved: Releasing Life Energy, Peter Schellenbaum

The Body Keeps The Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma, Bessel Van Der Kolk.

When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress; In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, Gabor Maté.

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Peter Levine.

The Master and His Emissary, Iain McGilchrist.

Jung/Jungian/The Feminine books:

All of Marion Woodman's work, but particularly: Addicted to Perfection; Dancing in the Flames; Conscious Femininity, and Leaving My Father's House. Also check- out Marion's interviews, audios and videos which are powerful resources.

Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

The Drama of Being a Child, and For Your Own Good, by Alice Miller.

Into the Heart of the Feminine, Massimilla Harris Ph.D and Bud Harris, Ph.D.

Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women, Sylvia Brinton Perera

Dreams, Memories and Reflections; Man and His Symbols, Carl G. Jung.

Jung's Map of the Soul, Murray Stein (A great introduction to Jung's approach to the psyche).

Jung: A Very Short Introduction, Anthony Stevens.

Any of Robert A. Johnson's books, particularly Owning Your Own Shadow.

How to Befriend Your Shadow: Welcoming Your Unloved Side, John Morbourquette.

Ego and Archetype, Edward F. Edinger.

Any of Marie-Louise von Franz's books particularly on the topics of fairy tales and shadow. 

Favourite authors on the subjects of spiritual healing and growth:

John O'Donohue
Thomas Moore
Eckhart Tolle
Jean Shinoda Bolen
Anne Baring
Pema Chodron

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” C. G. Jung
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