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Current online offerings - for those who live at a distance/abroad and to adhere to the ongoing Covid measures:

  • Coaching – Open to anyone for either general Personal Development and Support, or Deepening Your Relationship with Your Horse (£45 - 1 hr or £55 - 1.5 hrs).
  • Way of The Horse Cards Session - An indepth card spread and reading to explore an issue, question or new direction in your life using the wisdom and power of Horse Wisdom through Linda Kohanov's Way of The Horse Cards. (£25 - 1.5 hrs).
  • Professional Development - For ELF/EFP Practitioners or other similar professionals who'd like to explore embodiment techniques; emotional intelligence skills; relationships skills, and build self-awareness based on Horse Wisdom (£45 - 1 hr or £55 - 1.5 hrs).
  • Mentoring For Practitioners - How to develop your practice; Learn or Enhance Your Skills; Working Ethically and Sensitively with horses; business development (£45 - 1 hr or £55 - 1.5 hrs).
  • Supervision For Practitioners - Work through blocks; Session ideas; Working with Projection & Transference (£45 - 1 hr).
  • EFL Consultation Sessions – For those wanting to explore the various routes to training and working in this field - this is a tailorised session to help you find the most appropriate route and training suited to your interests, skills and background. (£40 - 1 hr). 

Sessions are via Zoom, Skype or telephone. Please pay and book your slot using the button below and then Contact me to arrange the date and time (or if you prefer to pay via bank transfer just get in touch). More details about some of these offerings can be found on specific pages on this website - Support of Professionals and 1-1 sessions.

*Offer: If you book a block of 6 Mentoring, Supervision, Coaching or Professional Development sessions you only pay for 5 - get in touch if you'd like to do this and I'll send you a unique payment link.


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"Connections 101: Life Wisdom from the Herd" with Linda Kohanov of Eponaquest Worldwide.

At long last, an opportunity to learn from Linda Kohanov in the comfort of your own home via her brand new, online master class: Connections 101: Life Wisdom from the Herd.

“In this masterclass, Linda Kohanov (author of 5 bestselling books including The Tao of Equus, founder of Eponaquest and trainer) uses the power of horses to help you unlock your awareness and intuition to become a more assertive, perceptive, and balanced person.”

“Connections 101 is a fully produced series of 33 shorter sessions (between 7 and 20 minutes each) that build on each other to teach skills like the body scan, the emotional message chart, breathing as a language, managing stress, and managing others’ emotions and behaviors. I bring in some pivotal research on the Polyvagal theory, heart rate variability, coherence, emotional and social intelligence, and other topics that enhance our understanding of physiological and psychological processes that lead to optimal states of wellbeing. Some of this research also explains why our work with horses is so important and effective.”  Linda Kohanov

I have recently taken this course myself and can highly recommend it. It is fresh, enlivening and packed with helpful wisdom, information and tools to aid your personal and professional development, all enveloped in the lovely field of horse wisdom and equine support and nourishment, including photographs and videos of Linda's herd for the first time. If you are in a leadership of any position, or a parent or teacher, Linda's vast experience of coaching people in effective social and emotional intelligence; managing conflict and relationships and leadership techniques is invaluable and in this programme, she includes helpful tools, tips and insights into how you can be more effective, AND remain calm and centred - benefitting both yourself and all those you interact with.

This truly is a very special and unique programme with the worldwide leader and pioneer of Horse Facilitated Programmes; it's definitely an opportunity to grasp and relish and you can return to the programme forever once you've purchased the course, so you have it for life.

You can watch a brief introductory video with Linda here.

In addition, I am now a specially trained Connections Instructor and available for additional 1-1 work after you've taken the course, either on the phone, online or in-person where possible. To help support you practice and integrate the skills you've learned in the course into your personal and professional life. This also applies to other facilitators, animal professionals and riding instructors.

What's more, taking Connections 101 can contribute in-part to a Two-Day Eponaquest Introductory Workshop, which is an essential pre-requisite for applying to Linda's Apprenticeship Programme. Contact me to find out more about how this would work and what else you would need to undertake. 

Sign-up details:

I am an official Affiliate of this new venture, and therefore, I would love it if you were to choose to sign-up using this special link, then I receive commission for helping spread the word: (please note, this affiliate link won’t work if you’ve already visited Nelda University previously at any time, as it’s for new customers to their site only).

Visit the page above on Nelda University to sign-up and where you will find lots of helpful information about the programme; bonus features and payment options.


You will receive a discount of 10% if you use this code: “10OFFCONNECTIONS”. (Remember to make a note of the code before clicking through in case you loose this page).

To read more about the course before signing-up visit: - just remember to use my affiliate link above to actually sign-up; thank you!

If you have any questions about taking this programme please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can tell you more about it, how it works and how you will benefit. Feel free to share this page with your friends, family and colleagues to help spread the word further.

And, if after taking the programme you’d like to explore the topics and tools covered in more detail, whether via online sessions with me or with some real horses at any time in the future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*One final bonus offer: If you sign-up for the programme using my affiliate link above then I will send you a free, signed copy of my book The Horse Leads the Way as a special thank you gift. Just drop me a message with confirmation of your purchase and your address and I’ll send you my book.

Angela Dunning
Eponaquest Instructor & Connections Instructor
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