If you enjoy my approach and find it valuable, there are a couple of ways you can support my work including my writing:

Either pop over to my Buy Me a Coffee Page and donate or become a member, or consider making a donation of any amount using the button below.

This would enable me to devote more time to my writing on the subjects involved in my work which inform, educate, inspire and nourish others.

In addition, I am currently raising funds to set-up a new centre of excellence in this work, with horses living happily in a natural environment, and where I can work with other professionals to offer a range of transformative and high quality workshops, training programmes and retreats. Where we will be bringing people and horses together; with an emphasis on human and equine mutual healing and working towards building true inter-species relationships. As well as enabling equine facilitated/assisted professionals to access in-depth quality training, mentoring and ongoing support.

If you are a practitioner and would like to explore working together please get in touch.

With gratitude and thanks,

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