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“It is like the bible of Equine Assisted Learning.”

“The Horse Leads the Way provides by far the best in-depth treatment on this topic that I have ever read.”

“A superb Guide for Practitioners of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.”

"A beautiful book highlighting the points of self-care and care of the horses and the client in equine therapy."

"You will feel Angela’s empathy and passion on every page.”

 “This book should be required reading for all those who want to enter the field.”

“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to include horses in any kind of interventions.”

“Long, long overdue. Thank you Angela.”

“The horses thank you!!!”

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"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to include horses in any kind of interventions intended to benefit humans, whether for therapy, personal development or learning."

“And then there are professionals like Angela Dunning, a practitioner who honors the horse as an intelligent, accomplished partner. Angela emphasizes that in order to help our mortal horses fully access their mythic healing abilities, we must take care of their social and emotional, as well as physical needs.” Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide 

“I LOVE this book. The Horse Leads the Way is a deeply significant and important book that finally outlines clearly the need to honor the horse as the lead facilitator in equine facilitated work. This book will be required reading in all my equine facilitated training programs.” Juli Lynch, Founder of EPALA 

“I believe that Angela’s book is a true testament to her beliefs that we must treat our equine friends with the love and respect that they deserve and as equal partners and not simply as a ‘useful tool’. You will feel Angela’s empathy and passion on every page.” Mike Delaney, Director of Equi Scotia (former Director of LEAP)

"Angela Dunning’s recent book The Horse Leads the Way, written specifically for practitioners of equine facilitated mental health, provides by far the best in-depth treatment on this topic that I have ever read. It provides a much-needed in-depth practical guide for new as well as seasoned practitioners, including many frank and insightful comments on the various trends in our industry that we have experienced over the past 25 years. Plus, it has practical exercises for clients, one's self, and horses. Well-written and timely." Trish Broersma, author of Riding into Your Mythic Life, faculty for PATH Intl Equine Specialist Certification Workshop and Skills Test, director of Riding Beyond. 

“A well written and robustly argued case for respecting the horse when they are engaged for human learning and therapeutic purposes. Horses need advocates. Just because they are not being ridden or raced we assume this is "lite" work. We have much to learn re their emotional behaviours and experiences. Thank you Angela for stepping forward and speaking. I hope that everyone in this field - include myself - take the time to read and consider what it means for their own practices and the horses that they are so dependent upon. Let us all stand together in "honour" of the horse.”

“An Excellent Book. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to include horses in any kind of interventions intended to benefit humans, whether for therapy, personal development or learning. Angela's perspective comes from a deep lifelong connection with horses and her practical and encouraging approach leaves us with no excuse for not questioning and reflecting on our own practice - valuing the horses as central to this work. I would highly recommend this book for those who are new to equine facilitated work and for those who have been doing it for many years. There is always more to learn.”

“This is a clever, well written and well organized book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new concepts and suggestions regarding the participation of horses in a therapeutic/learning context for human growth and development. I was looking for a book that helped me better understand how to ensure good psychological wellbeing for the horses in this context of work and I was not disappointed. Angela has a great deal of knowledge, reverence and respect for horses, evident throughout the chapters of the book.”

“Essential reading for the horse lover. For anyone concerned with the wellbeing of horses, particularly those participating in equine therapy and other types of personal growth activities, this is an essential read. Angela has dedicated her life to these concerns and is a thought-leader in the field. Personal anecdotes and stories support a well-researched and passionately written book - highly recommended.” Clare M

“Employing an engaging mixture of practical advice and personal stories, this book covers wide ranging areas in this developing field of work. The author deals with complex topics sensitively, clearly and with a passion which always keeps the reader interested.”
Jonathan M.

“Promotes working with loving-kindness and a gentle, respectful approach to equine facilitated therapy. This beautiful and important book is a must-read for anyone involved in, or interested in partnering with horses to heal people. Raising vital questions about current practices and with a unique focus on the horses and their well-being, I highly recommend it to anyone practicing or training in this field.”

“This book is a must-read for anyone who works with horses, and for anyone who feels an affinity with these magnificent, gentle creatures. Bravo Angela Dunning! Love this book!”

“A must read for every equine assisted practitioner! I’ve read “The Horse Leads the Way” twice now! Angela Dunning does a stunning job of articulating the depth of sacred possibility between horse and human when we honor their natural sensibilities and allow them the freedom to ‘do their work’. She highlights the importance of an equine facilitator’s “need to be able to skilfully facilitate and step out of the way to allow the horse and client’s process to unfold.”
Schelli Whitehouse

“I know there are many books about horse -human relations, but this book has shed a brighter, integral light on this much needed subject. In a time when it seems like anyone and everyone can "hang out a shingle", saying they are practicing Equine Facilitated Learning, Angela Dunning has shared with us , through heartfelt descriptions and experiences, what this work is really about, what the nature of the horse is truly about and how our roles as humans, in this work, needs to shift . In my time with this work, both as client, facilitator, student of the work and observer, I have seen more neglected, misguided, unhappy and useless sessions, with no benefit to horse or human. And, as is true, with any type of "therapeutic" modality, no therapy is better than bad therapy. For those who have experienced this work in best practice, you know it is sacred work. I do hope that this book will be read with open minds and open hearts, by many of the people in this field, who think they already "know it". While they are not ill intentioned, their work will falter if they are not willing to continue to check themselves and do this work with the horse "leading" the way!!”
Francine P. 

“On behalf of horses and equine-assisted practitioners THANK YOU ANGELA DUNNING!! This is a much needed resource right now and I can't recommend this book highly enough or fast enough to all of my fellow practitioners. The ideas and perspectives shared in this book are so important and timely. I especially love the emphasis placed on honoring and respecting the horse at all times and the sound suggestions on how to do that consistently in practice. This book lights the way for equine-assisted work to be a win-win for horses and humans alike, which is my sincere hope for the future of the field.” Stephanie Sawtelle, Author, Equine Specialist, Personal Coach 

“Angela has been able to capture in words many thoughts and feelings around how the field of equine facilitated learning continues to develop. I highly recommend this book for anyone in the field, facilitating or training in the model.” Gloria Lybecker 

“This is a very well written and presented book, everyone practicing Equine Facilitated Learning or Therapy of any modality would benefit from reading this book to ensure our equine partners are nurtured and nourished in what we ask of them in doing this type of work.” Elizabeth Denniss

“I can hear a chorus of horses saying, thank you, Angela Dunning, thank you. This book is such a gift to both horse and human. It expounds upon the awe inspiring way in which horses so willingly and generously involve themselves in the human's path of transformation. It also shows humans, even good intentioned ones how to fine tune their relationship and care with these amazing beings. Such great personal wisdom and experiential knowledge in this masterpiece of a book. Thank you, Angela Dunning, thank you!”

“Reading [The Horse Leads the Way] felt like drinking an apricot nectar. I devoured it like no book before, it was like being in a room with someone who could truly understand so much of what I had felt and who could put those emotions into words like a genius.”

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